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Flies accessorize

Flies Accesorize and sports essentials by Spela jambrek


Flies accessorise


Sports essentials

Illustration made with pencil on paper, colors added
digitaly in Photoshop.

Who’s N°1 ?

Insects and Number1 Illustration

The Royal Affair Insect made for The Royal Affair sales exhibition, print on sweater, November 2014.


Who’s No1?

Illustration by Spela Jambrek. Illustrations made with pencil on paper, colours added digitally in Photoshop.

Coca Cola mini-me

Spela and pocket Coca Cola photo Matija Tomc

I just gotta say: L❤ve this Coca-Cola mini-me and I am gonna squeeze all the rad juice out of thee.


Coca Cola & Spela Jambrek photo Matija Tomc Insta


Coca Cola made a really nice surprise 4 me when creating this unique Coca Cola mini – me liquid refreshment.


Spela at Titos Villa ph Matija TomcPhoto: Matija Tomc


Mickey in Corvette style

Mickey & the Corvette Collage by Spela Jambrek


Mickey & Matija


Milano inspired. Mixing up pop graphic & classic antique. Creating some magic through theme contrast.


tree cricket


Tree Cricket by Spela Jambrek

Rad in red


BunnyHair by SpelaJambrek

Kate Moss.

Mixing it up: creatively

Style: dress as a top & skirt Sisley, a hat by Cliché.

Photo: Matija Tomc

Spela Jambrek & Scarab Illustration photo Matija Tomc

Since the black and white dynamic has been traditionally around from the very first moment when fashionably presented by its so called inventor, Coco Chanel it somehow doesn’t ignite blinding fashion sparkles this time, as the fashion focus is on saturated combinations, colour blocks, combining saturated and unsaturated with pastel patterns and its shades.


Dresscode styled by Spela Jambrek

Those of us who nevertheless follow the more introverted classical black and white tradition can spice it up with some of pure milligram-like essence of fashion extraversion. It can be a fashion detail, surprise element projecting dynamics, glamour and colourful games of fashion or unrealised creative idea, a fashion invention, the so called signature leaving its specific insignia 👯

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Scarab and the blinking crown low res


Muha dizzle and dazzle

Flies accessorize. The contrast between soft, fragile wings and raw, sharp body on on side and non stop aggravating activity and cleansing natural duties of a fly on the other.  Contrast that bring growth through mediation. Illustration made with pencil on paper, colours added digitally in Photoshop.

The Royal Affair insects by Spela Jambrek


The Royal Affair Lucky Insects. Those little bugs came to life under this very royal affair, that happened last year in November in collaboration with Slovenian Ambient design magazine  and its editor in chief Nives Ajdovec. Channeling those little bugs into prints and making a stylish affair with casual street style grey sweaters. Keeping up the style contrast of royal vs. casual and casually releasing it into everyday life with a hint of glam 💂.

Through lace glasses

Spela Jambrek Illustrations Metnal schemesLife seen through lace glasses 👓. Mental schemes built up through domestic and  social interactions intertwined with emotions define our perception and our reality of the world. Illustrations made with pencil on paper and digitally in Photoshop.

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