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Dragon Style Z fashion editorial

Kaja_Leban by Matija_Tomc and Spela_Jambrek 1

Backstage @ Asia Supermarket BTC.

Looking down in pink hat &  shining from above in golden dress 💖.

Ph: Matija Tomc

Model: Kaja Leban for Immortal Model Management

MUA: Maja Drab

Hair: Luka Korosec

Styled by me.

The Melting Heart

The melting heart Spela_Jambrek

LOVE and The Melting Heart

It is about ego vs. soul this time. Which one would you choose? I would pick the latter first and the first later. Because it is the very soul that is eternal, ideal, sensual and fullfiling. And the very ego a tool to manifest it. The leading soul and the surrendering ego. The melting heart. The one that is willing to melt when things get hot, deep and sensual. The one that surrenders spontaneously and willingly when love matters.

do_naughty o’clock

Mateja_Skraba by Spela_Jambrek & Matija_Tomc detail

Photo: Matija Tomc

Fashion editor: Spela Jambrek

Model: Mateja Skraba

Published @Off the rails magazine

The Imaginary Rabbit: all about the invisible this time.

Imaginary Rabbit by Spela Jambrek

It is all about the matter that moves us on the long run and although it may not be visible at the moment, with trust, that is exactly what it becomes: solid, uplifting, spontaneous and playful, which goes beyond our ego and touches our soul. That uplifting ray of validation that comes from within not from without. Although it is something that everybody understands. It is L❤VE.

Bengal road trip fashion story: handling fashion.

Matija_Tomc and Spela_Jambrek for Just_Magazine 1


Handling fashion

with all the turmoil, emotions and life in it  and the great team behind it – for Just magazine.

Photo: Matija Tomc Fashion editor: Spela Jambrek MUA: Maja Drab Hair: Žiga Abram for Mare dresura frizure

Styling: Top: Cliché. Trousers: Max&Co for Liliinroza.

dancin’ shoes

dancin Nike love by Spela_Jambrek

L🎧ve feeling cozy when letting my spirits free.

Bengal road trip fashion story

Matija_Tomc and Spela_Jambrek for Just_Magazine


This is the place, where it all began this time. Quarry. Rocky road that found its fashion story.  Aesthetic and harmony in the mids of edgy nature. And the great team behind it that made the story for Just magazine happen.

Photo: Matija Tomc Fashion editor: Spela Jambrek MUA: Maja Drab Hair: Žiga Abram for Mare dresura frizure

Styling: Top: Maja Leskovsek Skirt: Top Shop

Spela_Jambrek logo pink lips

new logo.

Spela_Jambrek photo by Matija_Tomc

Many sunny days we had this summer just nonchalantly extended into late autumn. I managed to caught some cosy and warm sun light even in the beginning of December. This styling somehow cooperates with the extended sunlight and me happily embracing it 🔥 photo Matija Tomc 

Spela_Jambrek photo Matija_Tomc

the logo is:

Bow Illustration by Spela_Jambrek

This little bow logo, wrapped by dragon flies has actually been ON for almost 2 months. It’s all about dynamic cooperation among Slovenian designers that flew together quite fashionably through a new designer’s concepts store in a capital of SLOVEnia, Ljubljana. This illustration has come to life all around the store, covering outside windows, stickers, wrapping paper and beautiful shopping bags. Promise those will be posted in one of my next posts, when imaginative meets real world 😉


Wrapping paper by Spela_Jambrek

Wrapping paper 🍫.

Check out the whole concept, including BOW paper bags & BOW business card in my illustration portfolio 👀

Spela Jambrek ph Matija Tomc za Max&Co 6

There is a certain rule in psychology.

One mostly introverted has an extrovert inside and the other way around.

It is not about black and white though, it is finding a balance between the two,

but enjoying the rocky road leading to it as well.

A detail photographed by Matija Tomc was shoot in collaboration with Slovenian brand Liliinroza for Max&Co.

black sparkles

Spela Jambrek ph Matija Tomc za Max&Co 8Spela Jambrek ph Matija Tomc za Max&Co 7

Playin’ with forms, textures, patterns & style.

In black.

Simple and fluid.

photo by Matija Tomc

in collaboration with Liliinroza for Max&Co.


Cowbug by Spela_Jambrek



Cowbug Bugdidos.

Be ready. Be steady. &Go.

A scarab cowbug, bringing luck on the scarab side and raw action on the cowboy side. The two sides of one coin that enables us to purchase: the growth of our very soul. With every action, there is a reaction, they say. And with every reaction there is a challenge. And with every challenge, there is a possibility to grow. To get in touch with ourselves. That is luck.

by Spela Jambrek

Pencil on paper & Digital drawing in Photoshop

On sale @ Trgovina s konceptom in Ljubljana (canvas 63 cm x 63 cm)

Modna column by Spela_Jambrek social network

A fashion column for MODNA magazine, which I decided to see through the perception of the cutest three little monkeys,

Mizaru (sees no evil), Iwazaru (says no evil) & Kikazaru (hears no evil).

Check it out in the Illustration publication^^.


Colorful lips & donuts by Spela Jambrek


Rainbow doughnuts & lips made for fashion / art MODNA Aug 2015 magazine. Illustrations by Spela Jambrek.

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