Spela Jambrek Matija Tomc


After accepting the world of psychology when graduating from Faculty of Arts at University of Ljubljana (majoring in clinical psychology), Špela devoted herself to fashion design, which she endlessly mixes up with the knowledge of psychology. Fashion design was her choice when enrolling at Faculty of Design afterwards. She started working as a stylist in 2OO8. In 2O11, after three years of successful working and graduating from Faculty of Design she became a fashion editor for Slovenian Story magazine at Slovenian publishing house Adria Media d.o.o. Doing fashion editorials, creative work, organizing internal and external teams, co-workers, shooting advertorials, editing fashion pages from organizational and creative point of view and dealing with fashion in art has been a great predisposition to create her own art and fashion style. She also started illustrating while she was studying fashion and illustration has gradually become her passion. Doing fashion illustration, mixing it with fine line of art, design and fashion it self. She illustrated for magazines, including Ambient, Gloss, G, Elle.si, Story and independent art projects. She had her first illustration exhibition at Philips Fashion Week in Ljubljana along with her fashion creations and 3D illusion effect. She resides in Ljubljana, Slovenia.