Selfie pretend. Captured on film, disposable camera. As fake as all is about selfies, this is the story behind this photo. Faking it. In the era of selfies I must admit I don’t really understand their purpose. For me as an observer they just don’t offer enough, too narrow to see anything beyond one persons face and mostly too posed to see true expressions. So, do I, as an observer get anything from it or is it really just strictly self-purposed? Because if this is true, I don’t know who the selfie person is addressing to? The observer or themselves? What exactly do they want to propose? Who do they want to convince about their massage?

The one thing I cherish the most is being true to oneself. That means being free, liberated. And as far as I know, liberty is one of universal principles that anyone strives for. It is the one thing we are designed to be in. Liberation. One can not be satisfied and joyful if they are not free. Free from fear, mainly. Fear of loosing everything we think we have control over. Fear of loosing everything we think we own, even peoples opinion of ourselves. Even if it’s illusional. A pretend truth. Like a pretend game, with satisfaction derived when you imagine having something when you aren’t really able to get it. An illusional truth. But this is not being free. Only the truth will set one free.

But somehow it happens. Sometimes, as we loose ourselves in the fear of the outside world, everything becomes so scary that we just try to force the feeling of being in control, being loved, to balance that dirty feeling, even if it means lying to ourselves and others. It satisfies on the short term. And if we do it often enough (the flood of selfies) we seem satisfied.

The thing is, the truth always reveals itself.  Because it’s there. We sense it. Subconsciously. As we sense a fake selfie. At least those do, who cherish the truth. But even those do, who don’t. Because it exists. In all of us. So why waisting our limited time hiding it. Hiding from joy. Life self-fullfillment. All we have to do is reach out and have faith. In the truth, what is really out there. Like climbing these mountains. Go up, and slide down. And it really is a paradox, the faster you go down, the easier it is. Surrendering. To your own feelings and intuition instead of fear. Surrendering to the truth and love. Within us.

Photo Matija Tomc

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