LOVE by Spela Jambrek comp screen low res

Illustration made in collaboration with LiliandRoza tees. Printed on a sweater embraces a story about Love. The values changing in the world of fashion towards fair trade and sustainability.

The world of fashion is really fun but it has some problems that need to be addressed and solved through healthier approach that results in human well being – be it for the exploited workers involved in the fashion industry or the consumers facing the tough norms established by the world of aesthetic, beauty and art.

These are the worlds that enable us to see the beauty of life, to embrace it and follow the progress towards our well-being.

But in the world that currently cherishes illusions of material luxury and superficial, rigid aesthetic standards, those values have somehow become a tool of judgment the ones who don’t meet the standards. Judgments expressing power, leading to rigidness, and subjective evaluation,  consequently with lots of empty space and no real contents.

The growing emptiness provides a nurturing environment for narcissism to grow and slowly but firmly enough fashion has become a rigid and judgmental imperative furthering away from what is real, healthy and balanced. It has therefore more and more departed from the common population that still follows the fruit of ethic and human values as their motto of happiness.

This collaboration empowers self expression through fashion, strengthened and nurtured with love, the main ingredient that enables all that is rigid, harmful and no longer useful to melt and transform into something valued – by our hearts and others that care about human well-being on a grander level.

…with love <3