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There is always something that inspires me to draw a certain illustration. It is mostly psychology and universal principles. We are in the era where emotions are in a process of acknowledgment. To admit the whole spectre and express what we feel. In a narcissistic society where it is expected to always feel happy, content and glorious it is sometimes difficult to admit the negative side of the emotional spectre. So it is either overwhelming and negative emotions tend to come as acting out, a really destructive and hurtful way, or acting in, taking a form in somatizing, physical diseases.

So we have a challenge. As a society. To express negative emotions through channels that are constructive and acceptable for one another. Expressing anything with empathy and consideration of another is like a white animated glove that gives a crusted sweet coat over (over)whelming emotions. It is like a needed distance towards one self and the other which gives each other the needed space to see the value of the emotion. Like a touch of a needed humour that moves perspectives, like an art work or just the art of communication. The aesthetic of it, which enables the other to see the beauty of that momentum not the tormentum.


This one was inspired by the functioning of our psyche. There are three main psychological structures steering our behaviour. As I lecture on Creativity at the Faculty of Design I am leading the students through three main psychological structures that enable the integrated process of creativity and design. Creativity is something that comes from the unconscious part of our psyche, but there are also other structures that need to be nurtured and need to participate if we want to create from within and reach out – to society: to balance our abstract idea with the material side (simply said: to live out of it).

This illustration was inspired by these three main psychological structures in terms of psychoanalytical approach to human psyche. The ID, represented by a tiger, an infinite structure where all our raw impulses lie, all the hidden desires, traumas and memories. Then there is EGO, a structure responsible to adapt. Mainly to society. It is constantly challenged by ID – to satisfy its needs for worldly pleasures but EGO tries to transfer them into actions and mental schemes acceptable for society. There is a young lady representing the EGO. She possesses psychological strength to manage the raw .

And there is the most abstract of them all. SUPERGEGO. It pressures EGO to grow. It represents values. Universal ones that are the most abstract and the hardest to materialize. You can not sense values with our five basic senses and therefore many people (even if they believe in them) have difficulty following them. We all cherish truth, peace, freedom, human dignity, equal rights, love, humanity… But how many people really materialize those values. It is the hardest part and under the powers of SUPEREGO. Not many people have the strength or the psychological tools to rich this level of personal growth, above material reaching the abstract.

Just as Bob Dylan was questioning himself many years ago, when many destructive actions were taking place on the part of the humanity back east in his Blowing in the Wind lyrics: Yes, how many times can a man turn his head. Pretending he just doesn’t see?

The question still remains. Under the challenge of our SUPEREGO.  Within each individual and society at large.

The Truth ❤️

Selfie pretend. Captured on film, disposable camera. As fake as all is about selfies, this is the story behind this photo. Faking it. In the era of selfies I must admit I don’t really understand their purpose. For me as an observer they just don’t offer enough, too narrow to see anything beyond one persons face and mostly too posed to see true expressions. So, do I, as an observer get anything from it or is it really just strictly self-purposed? Because if this is true, I don’t know who the selfie person is addressing to? The observer or themselves? What exactly do they want to propose? Who do they want to convince about their massage?

The one thing I cherish the most is being true to oneself. That means being free, liberated. And as far as I know, liberty is one of universal principles that anyone strives for. It is the one thing we are designed to be in. Liberation. One can not be satisfied and joyful if they are not free. Free from fear, mainly. Fear of loosing everything we think we have control over. Fear of loosing everything we think we own, even peoples opinion of ourselves. Even if it’s illusional. A pretend truth. Like a pretend game, with satisfaction derived when you imagine having something when you aren’t really able to get it. An illusional truth. But this is not being free. Only the truth will set one free.

But somehow it happens. Sometimes, as we loose ourselves in the fear of the outside world, everything becomes so scary that we just try to force the feeling of being in control, being loved, to balance that dirty feeling, even if it means lying to ourselves and others. It satisfies on the short term. And if we do it often enough (the flood of selfies) we seem satisfied.

The thing is, the truth always reveals itself.  Because it’s there. We sense it. Subconsciously. As we sense a fake selfie. At least those do, who cherish the truth. But even those do, who don’t. Because it exists. In all of us. So why waisting our limited time hiding it. Hiding from joy. Life self-fullfillment. All we have to do is reach out and have faith. In the truth, what is really out there. Like climbing these mountains. Go up, and slide down. And it really is a paradox, the faster you go down, the easier it is. Surrendering. To your own feelings and intuition instead of fear. Surrendering to the truth and love. Within us.

Photo Matija Tomc

Fashion top Leitmotiv

Fashion pants Leitmotiv

BiennaleArte di Venezia 2017

Austrian art pavilion BiennaleArte 2017

I believe art is like gym. A game. A play.

The exercise of mind and the expansion of its function,  awareness and mental capability.

It changes one’s perspective and therefore enables to experience mental dynamic  and its growth.

It shows the path to think and rethink – with ones own mind. To move vs. stay. To lead vs. follow. To change vs. stagnate.

BiennaleArte di Venezia is like an art Disneyland. But it doesn’t sell illusions it acknowledges  the truth. From all over the world. And if the ride really hits on, it serves a great solution as well. The one that inspires. And moves.

ELLE April 2017

ELLE/April 2017/editorial

Published: ELLE Slovenia / Creative: Petra Windschnurer

photography: Matija Tomc

styling: Spela Jambrek

MUA: Maja Drab

Hair: Žiga Abram

*More about this editorial in Fashion Publication 

Nerdy Elle Fashion Editorial/April 2017

Published: ELLE Slovenia / Creative: Petra Windschnurer

photography: Matija Tomc

styling: Spela Jambrek

MUA: Maja Drab

Hair: Žiga Abram

📱 Kitty

#iphonecase #lovecontrasts


photo credit Matija Tomc

L_ _ _ is the answer


The Melting  LOVE sweater promoting fair trade and organic materials. Shop  @LiliandRozaTees & ASOS marketplace

The Melting Love Sweater


Illustration on a grey soft, organic sweater, promoting fair trade in fashion, a healthy approach, where instead of narcissism and self-love, LOVE towards others in relation with oneself IS the answer to healthier and happier fashion world <3

Available @LiliandRozaTees and ASOS Marketplace


Melting heart LOVE

LOVE by Spela Jambrek comp screen low res

Illustration made in collaboration with LiliandRoza tees. Printed on a sweater embraces a story about Love. The values changing in the world of fashion towards fair trade and sustainability.

The world of fashion is really fun but it has some problems that need to be addressed and solved through healthier approach that results in human well being – be it for the exploited workers involved in the fashion industry or the consumers facing the tough norms established by the world of aesthetic, beauty and art.


These are the worlds that enable us to see the beauty of life, to embrace it and follow the progress towards our well-being.

But in the world that currently cherishes illusions of material luxury and superficial, rigid aesthetic standards, those values have somehow become a tool of judgment the ones who don’t meet the standards. Judgments expressing power, leading to rigidness, and subjective evaluation,  consequently with lots of empty space and no real contents.


The growing emptiness provides a nurturing environment for narcissism to grow and slowly but firmly enough fashion has become a rigid and judgmental imperative furthering away from what is real, healthy and balanced. It has therefore more and more departed from the common population that still follows the fruit of ethic and human values as their motto of happiness.

This collaboration empowers self expression through fashion, strengthened and nurtured with love, the main ingredient that enables all that is rigid, harmful and no longer useful to melt and transform into something valued – by our hearts and others that care about human well-being on a grander level.

…with love <3


Catisfiction by Spela_Jambrek

Merging parisienne artistic world with personal story about the psychological effects cats have on human health. Cat emoji came handy this time. Cat is fictional but the catisfaction is real.


Spela_Jambrek ph Matija_Tomc Melting_Heart_T_Shirt low res


to transform illustrations and their message into design. This time it is fashion.

The Melting Heart T-Shirt.

ph Matija Tomc

Have a lemon fresh start

Spela_Jambrek Melting_Lips website

As a new moon and solar eclipse are approaching on the 8th and the 9th of March, I dedicated this post to the spiritual aspect of upcoming days. I find the flexibility and adaptiveness of our ego transforming to the growth of our soul the greatest challenge and blessings in reaching our desirable goals. The contrast between sour and the richness of its taste gives us the opportunity to feel, face and digest and therefore the energy and opportunity to grow. On a physical, psychological and spiritual level. To digest – transform the firmest structures that have become old and dysfunctional, leaving us unsatisfied and unfulfilled. To let go of something old and accept the new. To make the leap of faith. In a smooth, melting and reformative way. With the acknowledgment of the universal principles steering around us.


Dragon Style Z fashion editorial for Modna magazine

kaja_leban by Matija_Tomc and Spela_Jambrek Modna

Dragon Style Z fashion story is a story about a girl in a search for 7 mythological Dragon Balls in order to summon a Dragon to grant her some wish related to world domination. She soon finds out that Dragon Balls exist only in Japanese manga cartoon, so she settles with manga comic books, Asian food and beverages and plays dress up game instead.

Ph: Matija Tomc

Model: Kaja Leban for Immortal Model Management

MUA: Maja Drab

Hair: Luka Korosec

Styled by me.

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